Formal Messages

A Message from Cape Breton University President and Vice-Chancellor, David Dingwall

On behalf of the Senate, Board of Governors and the faculty and staff, I share with you our warm congratulations on your graduation from Cape Breton University.

While it is unfortunate the COVID-19 pandemic will not allow you to walk across the stage at convocation to receive your parchment, it does not take away from this monumental occasion in your lives.

In fact, all of your perseverance throughout your studies, and in particular over the last year, is a display of your tenacity, dedication and outstanding ability to overcome challenges. These are skills and abilities you will carry with you and use in all that you do going forward.

As you browse through this convocation website, you will see your name and those of your classmates. You are all part of history as Cape Breton University’s largest graduating class. We are so proud to celebrate this significant milestone with you.

As you embark on your next chapter, whatever that may be, I wish you the very best of luck. Congratulations to the spring class of 2021!

Yours very truly,

David C. Dingwall

A Message from Cape Breton University Chancellor, Annette Verschuren

My heartfelt and admirable congratulations to each of you – the Cape Breton University Graduating Class of 2021.

While the current world situation means this is not the traditional graduation ceremony, please be assured that it in no way diminishes your outstanding accomplishment. I want you to know that I am extremely proud of each and every one of you for completing this great achievement.

Convocation Day represents your success and acknowledges years of dedication and hard work. This is a day to celebrate what you have worked toward and looked forward to for many years. Today marks the end of one chapter and the exciting beginning of another.

Many of you may be new to Canada and to Cape Breton. I am a first-generation Canadian and believe that your futures are bright. And to my fellow Cape Bretoners and to all graduates, no matter where you hail from, know that your options are endless when you endeavor to seek out opportunities and use creativity and innovation in all that you do.

When you leave CBU, some of you will begin your work life and others will continue your studies. I invite all of you to boldly follow your dreams into new horizons. Wherever your paths may take you, think proudly back to your CBU home and always be aware of the ever-changing world around you. Use your resources and tenacity to face challenges and to seize opportunities.

Today is not a goodbye but a time to say until we meet again. Today is a day to be proud, be strong and to show the world what you are made of.

Theid Dichioll Air Thoiseach – Perseverance Will Triumph.

A Message from Chair of the Board of Governor’s, Robert Sampson

To the Cape Breton University graduating class of 2021,

While the last few semesters of your CBU journey have not ended as expected due to COVID-19, in true Cape Breton University style, you persevered. You adapted, you stayed strong and you employed innovative strategies to overcome these challenges. These are qualities that will serve you well wherever life takes you, and these are qualities that embody the Cape Breton University spirit.

It is with this spirit, CBU pride and a strong education that you are now ready to enter and succeed in today’s highly competitive world. Every class you’ve taken, every assignment you’ve completed and every relationship you’ve built at CBU has prepared you for this very moment and for all those to come. As you embark on this new chapter of your life, do so with courage and with the excitement of possibility and opportunity.

On behalf of the Cape Breton University Board of Governors, we wish you good health, happiness and success as you begin your career as a graduate of CBU. We know you will make us proud every step of the way, and we hope, in the future, you will maintain some form of contact with your CBU family. We are confident, as I know each of you are, that as you enter the next phase of your career you are now ready to make a positive impact on the world at large. We are proud to be able to call you one of our own.

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